• April 9 Following conversations between Ken Ellwein, Executive Director of Orange Lutheran High School and Bill Bartlett, Pastor at Lutheran Church of the Cross, Laguna Hills (south Orange County), an initial "Interest Meeting" is held in South Orange County - at Lutheran Church of the Cross, Laguna Hills, CA. Eight were in attendance. Interest is expressed, but no concrete action results.


  • April 20 After the sale of the 4000 acre El Toro Marine Base to Lennar Homes, it becomes apparent to many that never again in So. Calif. history will 4000 acres be open for development.  Therefore, the second round of interest meetings begins - with overwhelmingly large responses. Meeting #1 at Lutheran Church of the Cross, Tuesday, April 20. Invited participants included: Dan Olson, Donna Bussey, Kathy Hutchins, Leann Karr, Rick Needham, Mike Allen, David Walters, Jeff Blaalid, Larry Schuler, Cindy Bartlett, and Bill Bartlett.
  • John & Donna Crean donate $350,000 as seed money for a Lutheran high school in south Orange County.
  • July 27, Seven Directors are appointed by the ad hoc community interested in the establishment of a Lutheran high school in south Orange County: Donna Bussey, Ken Ellwein, Rachel Klitzing, Rick Needham, Jack Preus, Carolyn Sims, Bill Bartlett.
  • August 31 Initial Governing Board is appointed: Janie Andrich, Donna Bussey, Ken Ellwein, Alan Feddersen, Bill Hemenway, Rachel Klitzing, Rick Needham, Jack Preus, Tom Rogers, Carolyn Sims, Dave Velasquez, Rob Warren, Bill Bartlett.

  • October 28 Mission and Vision Statements are drafted by Dave Velasquez and Rob Warren. They are adopted by the Governing Board.


  • January 27 Officers are elected: President Rick Needham, Vice-President Bill Hemenway, Secretary Carolyn Sims, Treasurer Donna Bussey
  • February 22 Rick Needham reports on conversations with Lennar Homes, after they purchased the 4000 acre former El Toro Marine Base. Rick begins preparing a "letter of Intent" as he continued dialog with Lennar.
  • April 5 Meet with Capital Funding Services (LCEF) to discuss a capital funding feasibility study.
  • May Pastor Bill Bartlett is hired as Executive Director.
  • June The board takes a field trip looking at about 10 possible sites in south Orange County.
  • November 14 Lutheran South High - Orange County incorporates as a non-profit California corporation


  • July 15 First Annual Corporation Meeting. Jim Hale, Loren Kramer, and Ray Veldman are elected to our Board.
  • August 31 St. Paul's Greek Orthodox Church's brand new, 2-story, 31,000 sf classroom building is proposed as an interim site for LHS-OC.   LHS-OC announces that it will open for classes for the 2007-2008 academic year.
  • October 4 Board contracts with Kairos for is first Capital Funding Appeal.
  • October 26 Board recommends name change from LHS-OC (same initials as Lutheran High School of Orange County), to Lutheran South High School. Board meets Mr. Jeffrey Beavers, candidate for principal, for the first time.
  • November Jeffrey Beavers is Called as Founding Principal


  • January Brian Underwood is hired as Assistant Principal (Admissions, Athletic Director, Marketing) Gina Hylton is hired as Office Administrator.
  • February After interviewing 12 architectural firms, LPA is hired as CLS's architect.
  • April The John and Donna Crean Foundation pledge $10 million to Lutheran South High School.
  • March-July After approximately 150 interviews, CLS's inaugural teaching and coaching staff are contracted:
    Rob Blaney, Music and Performing Arts teacher-pt
    Tim Brink, Coach-Cross Country (girls and boys)-pt
    Carl Butz, Dir. Of Informational & Instructional Technology
    Steve Hobus, science
    Rhonda Jackson, Coach-boys & girls volleyball-pt
    Danica Kooiman, Coach-Cross Country (girls and boys)-pt
    Monica Lara, Learning Success and Spanish teacher
    Bethany Lepe, History, French, English teacher
    Jeannie Mooney, Visual Art-pt
    Janet Mowry, math
    Eric Olson, health and life, volleyball coach (girls and boys)
    Dave Sleighter, Coach boys basketball-pt
    Conni Schramm, theology and English
    Kelci Walker, Coach girls basketball-pt
  • May- Acknowledging John and Donna's generosity and Christian commitments to Lutheran education, tithing, self-perception of being "blessed to be a blessing," entrepreneurial and fair business ethic, and making a difference in the community, Lutheran South High School changes its name to Crean Lutheran High School.
  • After interviewing 12 contracting firms, McCarthy is hired as CLS's builder.
  • Bill Godbey is hired as part-time Owner's Representative for phase one of our building project.
  • July 16-  Second Annual Corporation Meeting. The following new board members are elected: Frank Beniche, Bart McHenry, John Randall, Marlin Schulz.
  • August 26-  First inaugural Convocation Worship Celebration is held at St. Paul's Greek Orthodox Church. Approximately 350-400 people in attendance.