The body is a unit, though it is made up of many parts; and though all its parts are many, they form one body. So it is with Christ. Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.   1 Corinthians 12:12

Our student body is gifted with many interests and abilities -- which all combine to form a beautiful, effective, and multi-talented Body of Christ!  Part of an enriched high school experience is involvement in and exposure to as many real life, project-based, interdisciplinary, collaborative (team!) projects and opportunities as possible.

At Crean Lutheran, we offer a wide variety of clubs as well as extracurricular opportunities in athletics and the arts. If a group of 3 or more students express interest and commit to a particular cause, project, or endeavor the students will need one full-time faculty member to be the adviser. Once the commitment is made, upon approval, club status will be granted.  

All students are encouraged to take advantage of the many opportunities to serve (like Jesus!), to sample a wide range of new experiences and interests, and to find opportunity to employ the gifts our Lord has given to them in Christ-honoring and creative expression!

Club Resources: 
For a list of our 2017-2018 clubs, click here.
Role of Crean Lutheran Club Advisor, click here
Club Presidents:
Monthly President's Report (due by the last Wednesday of each month), click here.
Yearbook Picture Schedule (Note- If a club does not show for pictures, we will delete the club from our official club roster), click here.
2017-2018 Club Commissioners: Christina V, Hugh B, and Nate K.
Please only contact your assigned Club Commissioner for any Club-related questions, and Fundraiser scheduling.
Check the calendar below for potential dates prior to requesting through your commissioner.
Christina: Academic Study, American Cancer Society, Angel's Heart, Archery Club, Art & Soul, Atelier, Baking Bridges, Beach Club, Chemistry Club, Chess Club, Children's Music Fund, Chinese Club, CL TED talks Advocates, Communication Bridge Club, Community of Worshipers, Cotten Candy Club, Crean Discovery Club, Crean Engineering Club, Crean Kids for Kids, Crean Labdoo Club, Crean Make-a-Wish   
Hugh: Crean Missions Club, Dance Club, DECA Business Club, E-Sports Club, Environment Conservation Club, French Club, Free Chapel Youth, Global Achievement Project, Giving Children Hope, Global Citizenship Club, HALO Dance for Autism, Hand Craft Club, Healing Sounds of Music, Hungry for Music, International Korean Praise Band, International Praise Music Ensemble, Makeup Club, Master of Invention, Math Club, Military Club, Misight Club, Mock Trail, Model United Nations
Nate: Moot Court Club, NanoSeed, National Honors Society, NEGU Club, Nutrients Ninja, Photography Club, Physics Club, Prayer Warriors, Random Acts of Kindness Etc., Random Sports Club, Science Olympiad, Scientist in Training, Scicovery, Sisterhood of Saints, Surf Club, Tai Chi Club, TL Club, Trendy Places in OC, Video Editing Club, World Scholar's Club, World vision, Youth Action Team