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Christian Faith

Whatever you do, do it all to the glory of God. 1 Corinthians 10:31

Grace and Peace be yours in abundance through Jesus Christ,

When you become a part of the Crean Lutheran family, you become part of a culture where Jesus is front and center. Virtually everything at Crean Lutheran is run through a filter that we call “Jesus-proofing.” Jesus is our reason for being as a school. You won’t be able to spend more than a few minutes at Crean Lutheran without realizing that Crean Lutheran is someplace special and someplace spiritual. It is a place where Christian faith and love are nurtured and Christian character is developed. How? Through the Word...

The entire faculty gathers together for devotions half an hour before school begins each day. The school day starts off with a Bible Verse and a prayer over the intercom. Most classes begin with a short prayer. Life groups gather around the Word once a week. All students come together for chapel services three times a week. Every student participates in a religion class at least twice a week. Study of the Word and worship is part of the culture at Crean Lutheran. 

It is not unusual to see a group of students holding hands and praying for another student. Students are comfortable talking about their faith with each other and with their teachers. Athletic teams pray before and after every game and even after every practice. Prayer is part of the culture at Crean Lutheran.

Several Mission Trips are conducted each year by faculty and students alike. Community service is also a way of life at Crean Lutheran as various groups go out into the community to help the homeless and reach out to the elderly at senior care centers. Wearing Christ and sharing Christ is part of the culture at Crean Lutheran.