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Hybrid Program

Bring up your children in the training (paideia) and instruction of the Lord.
Ephesians 6:4

Crean Lutheran High School, in pursuit of its Mission Statement, Proclaiming Jesus Christ through excellence in education, recognizes that the best education comes from a partnership among students, parents, school, church and community. Therefore, Crean Lutheran welcomes conversations with students and families that are coming from non-traditional school settings (i.e. home school, one-on-one instruction, online instruction, etc).


Crean Lutheran’s Hybrid Program allows a student the ability to experience the structure of a traditional school setting by taking a maximum of four on-ground classes while also creating the flexibility to take courses in non-traditional settings at locations outside of CLHS.
Students in the CLHS Hybrid program are required to take a maximum of four (4) year-long courses (or the equivalent; e.g. two semester courses would equate to one year-long course) each year. Participation in Independent PE or on sports teams, and the accompanying Strength and Conditioning classes, do not count when selecting four courses. Rather, CLHS Hybrid students may participate in Independent PE or on sports teams and in Strength and Conditioning classes as if they are full-time students (sports participation fees and the Athletic Operations Fee still apply). Additional required coursework will need to be taken through an approved accredited institution (see details below).

Joining the CLHS Hybrid program mirrors the enrollment process of full-time students.
CLHS Admissions Application
Application Fee: $50.00 per family, per year
Incoming 9th Graders: Submission of records (middle school transcripts and/or equivalent data)
Incoming 10th Graders: Submission of “Incoming 9th Grader” data plus 9th grader transcripts.
Two recommendations letters:
Teacher recommendation (if presently taking classes at a public/private school)
One to two recommendations from character references (e.g. pastor, coach, mentor, etc.)
Interview: An interview with a member of the Admissions Committee is required.
Counseling Consultation: Consultation with a member of the Student Services Department is required.

The CLHS Hybrid Option often serves as a first step in the transition to full-time enrollment at CLHS. As such, it has been implemented for incoming students only and is not available for students who have attended CLHS as full-time students at any point. CLHS Hybrid students are not provided with laptops and are not eligible for financial aid.

To earn a diploma from Crean Lutheran High School, a student must have completed 27 total units within 10 subject areas (for a comprehensive list of graduation requirements, please see our Curriculum Guide). Hybrid students must attend and successfully complete a minimum of two (2) Crean Lutheran High School academic and/or theology units (e.g. theology, science, math, foreign language, English, and/or social science) each semester for a total of four (4) units in each academic year of attendance. Furthermore, hybrid students must also obtain a minimum of twelve (12) Crean Lutheran High School academic and/or theology units. Credits from WASC-accredited institutions may be transferred to the student’s CLHS transcript if approved and accepted by the CLHS Counseling Department.

Approved Academic Institutions
CLHS Hybrid students must complete their additional required coursework as instructed by the Counseling Department at an approved academic institution. If a student wishes to pursue a course that is through a school that is not listed, approval must be obtained by the Counseling Department prior to enrolling in that course.

The CLHS Hybrid option is available at the cost of $9,100.00 for the 2018-19 academic year. This fee allows the CLHS Hybrid student to (a) select and attend four classes (which must be approved by their counselor), (b) participate on sports teams and in the accompanying Strength and Conditioning classes, (c) attend the Princeton Review courses which are available to full-time students, and (d) make use of the Student Services Department which includes counseling. The cost does not include a CLHS-issued laptop.