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Then maidens will dance and be glad, young men and old as well. I will turn their mourning into gladness; I will give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow. Jeremiah 31:13
anna & Tivoli
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Our dancers get a well-rounded dance education and foster an appreciation and awareness for the arts.  The CLHS Dance program was created for dancers of all levels: Dance 1, Dance 2, Dance Ensemble/Ministry, and Advanced Dance. Please see school catalog for course descriptions.


Through the performing arts, we are given the chance to express God’s beauty to others. This ministry aims to be a light that shines for God, not our own personal glorification. In this posture of worship, we desire to actively participate in realizing God’s call for the CLHS Arts.
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OC Register article featuring our dance department:

Crean Lutheran dance department and school to grow with campus expansion

Anna Ellwein and Tivoli Treloar auditioned for and was chosen to attend the Rockettes Summer Intensive in New York City this coming July. The Intensive offers aspiring professional dancers the unique opportunity to train with the Rockettes, and a Rockettes Director/Choreographer, learning their world famous precision dance technique.
Tivoli Treloar will be also attending the Bolshoi Summer Intensive this summer 2017. 
Tivoli Treloar attended Joffrey's summer intensive in the Musical Theater Program in New York City 2015. We are so proud of her dedication and passion for pursing her dreams as a performer.
Isabelle Erlanson was recently awarded a Velocity scholarship and received a $2,500 scholarship to Idyllwild Arts Academy for their summer program. 
This year's OC Register Varsity Arts nominees for dance artist of year 2015: Ryan Chen & Alyssa Needham. Congratulations to Alyssa Needham for the making top 10!!!
Allyssa Hebbard was voted top 10 artist of the year 2013 for Dance!

Click here to view a two-page OC Register article featuring the 2013 Fall Contemporary Dance Performance!!
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