Campus Expansion Updates

North Campus Expansion
Jesus is before all things, and in Him all things hold together. Colossians 1:17   (2017-18 Theme Verse)
Update from Executive Director, Jeffrey Beavers, on November 30, 2017:
Crean Lutheran High School was blessed to witness twenty-six pre-manufactured buildings set in place during the Thanksgiving break to form the beginnings of the North Campus.  Work crews continue to work diligently on wet and dry utility hook up's, installing irrigation, flatwork (sidewalks) and will begin interior finishes between now and Christmas.  The traffic light poles have arrived and left turn in pocket are formed and ready to install in the upcoming weeks.  Crews will begin the speed zone project on Portola Parkway including a newly painted crosswalk and flashing school zone warning lights.  Please keep the construction crews in your prayers for safety and success.  The Lord continues to bless the Saints reminding us, thus far HE has helped us!  (1 Sam. 7:12) 
Update from Executive Director, Jeffrey Beavers, on October 27, 2017:
Saints building and traffic light update:  Please continue to pray for construction workers as they complete work in high heat and high winds!  We excitedly watched our strength and conditioning building go up and as of last week all building foundations have been poured.  This week we have our earthwork contractor performing a rough grade on the site which consisted of backfilling around all buildings and smoothing out the job site.  On 10/26 we expect to pour the valley gutter behind the retaining wall and start digging for the stairs and ADA ramp leading to the track and athletic field area.  Traffic light poles and switchgear, which are long lead items, are expected to arrive on the athletic site in two weeks.  The center island has been cleared of planting and soon will be removed for a left turn-in lane and a left turn-out lane.   Remember that our main campus parking lot will be closed during Thanksgiving break, beginning November 18th thru November 24, 2017, and all faculty, staff, students, parents, and visitors will be required to park at the Saints Athletic Complex on Portola Parkway and walk to campus to keep us safe from heavy construction.  
Update from Executive Director, Jeffrey Beavers, on October 11, 2017:
CLHS is excited to move ahead with construction on the traffic signal at the Athletic Complex and continue construction on the North Campus Expansion. In the next two weeks, a left turn-in lane, and left turn-out lane will be added, along with traffic light poles, to the entrance/exit of the Athletic Complex off of Portola Parkway.
We can also excitedly report that we do have building permits in hand, and have poured all foundations related to the North Campus Expansion. The first building is being erected now, and you can see the structure of what will be the strength and conditioning center from our parking lot.  Next up, the main campus parking lot will be closed to all traffic from November 18 - 23, 2017 (during Thanksgiving break) due to heavy equipment and module structures arriving on campus. Persons needing to conduct business at CLHS will be required to use the Athletic Complex parking lot on Portola and walk to campus.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause during this necessary closure, and ask for your prayers during this exciting time.